What is an explainer video?

Whether you’re a small family run business creating bespoke handmade products or a multinational medical company with a groundbreaking new product, video content is more important than ever. It will help your company or product stand out. Explainer videos are a great addition to your website to help visitors understand who you are, what you do, and most importantly what the benefit is to them. 

Every film we produce is unique because every one of our clients has a unique product or service and we pride ourselves that each film is made with love and care – we're not a generic film factory – we want your film to stand out and be something you're proud to share!


Creating an animated video is a lot of work, so at The Little Wild Ones we aim to make that process as easy as possible so you can concentrate on what you do best. Everything is included in our video package from concept through to delivery. 

Explainer & Marketing Videos



Have a new product you want to shout about but need help explaining how great it is?



Having trouble explaining the benefits of your service? Let us help.

Client Work



We'll help you distil complex and sensitive topics into easily digestible packages.

Animation for Education and Exhibitions 

We help educators overcome challenging content by breaking down complex content into fun engaging learning experiences that increases viewer engagement. 

Broadcast and

Content Graphics 

If you’re a broadcaster or content creator we can help you create engaging short

form show graphics, documentary cut ways and online content.

Work with us!