‘Ocular Intelligence’ for Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO

We were approached by our good friends at Tiger Heart to collaborate with the UK’s leading entrepreneurship think tank to create a remarkable Ocular Intelligence visualisation which was shown at the CFE’s inaugural annual lecture. 


Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO and Executive Chairman, was invited to make the case for why science and technology, and in particular, artificial intelligence, holds the promise to help build a world of greater freedom, fairness and opportunity for people across backgrounds and communities. 


The Piece was to be shown behind Eric Schmidt while he gave his hour long presentation so it need to be informative, looping but not intrusive. We looked at the way info graphics are normally presented but found none of this would really deliver the concept that we wanted that was a seamless and beautiful data visualisation.  


We wanted to develop an arresting Ocular Intelligence visualisation to show how people, industries and countries overlap. The visual highlighted how the connecting circles and strands of industry bisect and diverge with the smaller circles of the countries. The Ocular Intelligence aimed to ‘beautify’ data and present a simple way of discovering which industries are in the room, where they are based, what trends can be deduced and provoke debate around the need to collaborate more. 

Client: The Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE)

Agency: Tiger Heart London

Directed by: The Little Wild Ones

Producer: Sanj Surati

Design / Animation: Kevin Francis 

Screenshot 2018-12-11 at 15.13.20.png